360 Degrees Rotates Spill Proof & No Mess Bowl For Baby Kids

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360 Degrees Rotates Spill Proof & No Mess Bowl For Baby Kids

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360 Degrees Rotates Spill Proof & No Mess Bowl For Baby Kids


Color: Multi
Package Included : 1 Gyro Bowl
Martial :Plastic
Size : 17 cm x 8 cm x 17 cm
Inner bowl rotates 360 degrees.
Dishwasher Safe.
Capacity: Standard

Feature :
Great for kids to have fun while they eat but without the mess!.No Matter what position,the inside bowl always remains upright avoiding food to spill over.The food bowl that never spills!.Lid included.Inner bowl rotates 360 degrees. Dishwasher Safe.Virtually indestructible.Saves times,less cleaning .Use it for non-food items. The Bowl is an accomplished combination of science and design that is fun and easy to use. It will always stay upright regardless of the position it is in because of its unique center of gravity. Instead of one solid piece, the Bowl is actually composed of four different plastic pieces that work together to insure that the bowl acts similarly to a gyroscope, where the bowl in the middle faces up even if the main body is not. The bowl is positioned in the middle of larger bowl which is also attached to a base and handle. As the base bowl spins, gravity keeps the suspended bowl in place allowing its contents to remain upright. In essence, it prevents spills from occurring. The bowl is made to be extremely durable. Every part of the bowl is made from a hard plastic that is resistant to breaking, meaning it can take everyday use and abuse without affecting its usefulness.

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