How do I gather evidence to prove my claim?

When dealing with disputes, we base our judgment on the evidence provided by buyers. The buyer must provide evidence within 3-7 days (in reference to the email we have sent). Please pay more attention to the email from, which is from us to ask some evidence or tell you the statues of the dispute. And buyer can negotiate with seller about returning the goods for refund or replacement.


If there is a problem with the measurement of the item you ordered.


If you have received a completely different product than that of which you have ordered, please take photos of the package including the tracking number clearly visible so that we can investigate thoroughly.

Attention: Valid evidence should show the product in the picture, screenshot will not be accepted here.

If the product you received is not as described, such as incorrect color, material etc. Please provide us with a comparison between the item you ordered and the one you received.


If the product you received is not the same color as the product you ordered, please send us a comparison of the two, the item you ordered and the one you received.


If you think the material of the item you received is not as the one you ordered, then please send us a photo of the label on the item. You can also have the material tested by a 3rd party and send us the result in either a video or document format.


If your product has a quality problem or does not work well, please provide clear videos when you test the item. Make sure your videos are long and clear enough to identify the problem. You can upload the video directly to the platform. 

Upload the video from your computer. Please note you can upload one video only.

Notice: The video should be in 3GP、MP4、MPV、MOV、RM、RMVB、AVI、MPEG、WMV、DAT、VOB、FLV; and the size limit is 200M.


When your order arrives, and you discover that your product is damaged, please take clear photos of the damaged areas. You must also provide a photo showing the entire package the product was shipped in. This will enable us to determine if the package is damaged, or just the product.  Please note that if you submit a claim 3 days after you received your product, you will have to provide a damage assessment report from the shipping company that delivered your product to you. Otherwise, your claim cannot be processed by you found that the packaging of your item is damaged upon delivery, please take photos and you may refuse to sign for the package if you wish.


If your product is missing accessories, please provide the names of all the missing parts and take a clear photo of all the items you have received in the current package.

Extra Tips:

1.We recommend you provide a screen shot of the transcript you had with us, such as from, Email, Skype, or other IM softwares.

2.For returned products, You must confirm the return address with us, and provide tracking details when shipping your items back. Please note that you will not be protected by us without providing shipping confirmation. Please make sure you keep hold of the shipping documents and shipping payment invoices; as they might be needed by Zahuu case management specialists. If the buyer has reached an agreement with Zahuu to return the items for a full refund, then the buyer needs to provide a tracking number. Otherwise, the buyer cannot be protected against claims such as, items not received by Zahuu.

3. For all photos provided as evidence for damaged products, we suggest that you mark the defective areas so that we can identify the problem area clearly.

4. Regardless of the photos that you provide, a clear and complete photo of the product should be clearly shown.

5. If you are submitting photos for multiple defective items, please make sure that you take photos of each defective item separately.

6. If you have purchased more than one item, do not forget to indicate the defects on each single item you purchased separately.